Fudge: Reminiscent Confections® offers both your favorite flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate and maple walnut to hard to find flavors such as Raspberry Crème, Root Beer Float, and Peanut Butter and Jelly! Reminiscent Confections® stocks an average of 15 flavors of fudge daily and makes over 50 flavors annually! Many flavors are seasonal such as pumpkin pie, eggnog, orange crème and sherbet. Loyal customers continually visit to find out what other interesting flavors are available to tease one’s palate. Reminiscent Confections® is continually adapting to a changing environment, and approximately 90% of its fudges are gluten-free and without trans fats. Reminiscent Confections® offers sucrose-free fudge targeted at customers with sugar-related health concerns.

Truffles: Old world goodness! Reminiscent Confections® generously offers decadent gourmet truffles in over 20 flavors for the most discerning of truffle connoisseurs. A thick, creamy ganache crème floods your mouth with rich chocolate goodness. Flavors such as tiramisu, cappuccino, caramel and raspberry are sure to kiss your tastebuds!

Bulk Chocolate: Reminiscent Confections® sells an extensive line of unique and customary chocolates both imported and made domestically. Maltballs, nuts of all varieties, fruits, gummy bears, pretzels and more are readily available to satisfy the chocoholic in you!

Bulk Candy: Reminiscent Confections® offers a vast array of gummies from bears to frogs and butterflies. Sour is all the rage, and you can find an extensive selection of sour gummies, suckers and gumballs. Nostalgic candy such as wax bottles, atomic fireballs and horehound drops are just a few of hundreds of items in stock to satisfy your sweet tooth! Reminiscent Confections® offers licorice from Holland, Germany, Australia and Finland, as well as the United States. Reminiscent Confections® offers every available flavor from the best name in rock candy: Dryden and Palmer. In short, if the candy is chewy, crunchy, stretchy, soft, hard or mushy, hot, sweet or sour, Reminiscent Confections® stocks it for our customers.

Taffy: – over 20 popular flavors of chewy, sweet, mouth watering taffy to mix and match!

Nostalgic Packaged Candy: Remember Candy Cigarettes? Pez? Candy Necklaces, Candy Stix? We have all your old timely favorites!

Pucker Powder® – The latest and greatest craze in custom powdered candy sticks!


  • Caramel apples – Made with the finest caramel and richest fudges and crunchy nuts. Available seasonally from Sept – March
  • Nuts and brittles – Seasonally available from Sept – March
  • Chocolate strawberries – Available for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day
  • Caramel corn – seasonally available Sept – Dec

We offer a large variety of products that may differ regionally. Please contact our retail store locations for product availability, special orders and to order by phone.